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rime 1 year ago

im on a drag queen kick now..... maybe i'll do a bob sticker pack next

rime 1 year ago

as for the venti minecraft skin, i actually made it around the same time as the kaeya one... months ago... i only just now got around to making the preview image for it lskjdf

rime 1 year ago

i'm working on other genshin minecraft skins too. i started and got a good bit done on a noelle one (also around the same time as kaeya and venti) but i fucked up and lost the file so i have to start over again. and today i started on a diona skin. aside from that i don't have any specific characters planned. i'm open to suggestions though... eyes emoji

i've been wanting to make a new sticker pack for ages but i don't know what to make. i started a meatwad one but i lost steam on that ages ago. was thinking beavis and butthead but they pretty much only have one expression. maybe an UNHhhh sticker pack?
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