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I had no idea the people complaining about Electron were primarily desktop programmers. I probably complained about Electron and javascript a few times before as an end user. It does make sense; if I wanted to program a desktop application just for fun, I wouldn't know which framework to choose or avoid. It would be easier for me to jump into html or leave it as a command line tool.
vas 2 hours ago

In my experience, a lot aren't even desktop programmers. They're code monkeys jumping on the Electron/JS hate train for reddit upcummies while doing nothing to improve or even understand why things are as they are.

Welcome to Neocities.
I don't agree with everything you wrote. But you have a good amount and variety of content.
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Yo. I can't agree more. "i've fallen into the academic idea that you can't write on a subject unless you have a degree in said subject. i think that's kind of a load of shit, and i need an outlet to get my thoughts out without the pressure of my writing looking 'proper' or good."
I sometimes wonder what neocities would be like if the timeline(?) feed(?) was primarily user written messages and not new follows or site updates.
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I updated pages/index.html. I accidentlly dropped pages/index.html into my main directory once. >_>;

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Hi. Welcome to Neocities. I think your log page is a bit hard to read because of the font/color.
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