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Awesome site! I can't believe you're the one behind that Versailles fansite :D it's awesome to know the Visual Kei fans are still kickin! I was always a Versailles fan who loved Japanese alt fashion more, myself, but I was always pretty adjacent to the fandom ever since I got a Cure magazine in middle school and read it to death lol (my fashion was never the same!)
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kichigai 6 months ago

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoy it, and you remember the Versailles site! I ran it with 2 other friends but I lost contact with them some time back, sadly. There's a bunch of us VK fans on discord though! Some on Twitter and Tiktok, too. The fandom is definitely still kicking pretty well!

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decadentdream 6 months ago

That's so great to hear! Maybe I'll check the out in the future, I'm not one for being a member of these site but I do enjoy checking in from time to time :)

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