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Now the loony Chinese government is murdering cats because their human came down with covid. It's been 2 years and somehow the covid cultists are still finding a way to outdo themselves in their madness. Now they're OPENLY sacrificing living beings to appease their tin pot god - a yard sale flu that was recently entirely eradicated in an Indian state simply via people using so-called "horse dewormer".
koshka 2 months ago

I'm morning drunk and might regret my tone a tiny bit, but it needed to be said.

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bright-eyes 2 months ago

It's probably because cats have been found to be infected with covid, but China isn't exactly known for its compassion towards animals (or people, for that matter...).

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bmh 2 months ago

Using Iverm... I mean, "horse dewormer", doesn't align with the agenda... I can see how killing people's pets does (sadly).

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koshka 2 months ago

So now we're being open about how "I WILL SAVE YOU FROM DYING FROM COVID BY KILLING YOU MYSELF!!!" is the ultimate goal here?

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