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Curious - does anyone else here use IRC?
grafovolaverunt 8 months ago

I used to back in the day but returning to IRC would be cool too!

koshka 8 months ago

Same here. I was a heavy user from ~2002 to ~2015. @lolwut recently started an IRC channel for his website's visitors and I was thinking it'd be nice to have a general Neocities community IRC channel perhaps. It's a objectively superior and freer platform than discord (@spyware has taken pains to explain the problems with it) and a fitting place for a chatroom for this community, IMO.

fragmentandreflect 8 months ago

that would be aweseom if you set something like that up

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koshka 8 months ago

I'm glad you're interested in the idea! I have a server that's mostly set up for the sole purpose of being connected to IRC 24/7 but has been derelict ever since the network adapter stopped working. I'm going to try to fix that some time this week and then set up a channel somewhere.

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