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koshka 8 months ago

Added a new article to the UFO, exploring the metaphor of autism and neurotypicalism being two different operating systems for the brain. Also spiffed up the 404 page so that Macula could have a fairly nice looking home.

bright-eyes 8 months ago

A while back, I tried to do a coursea course that required installing an operating system onto my computer in addition to Windows. (It might have been Linux, not sure, because it was a while back, and I've only attempted it once - and I don't know much about operating systems other than Windows.) It was an older one than my current one, and it had less RAM on it. I found that the programs that came with the other

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bright-eyes 8 months ago

operating system wouldn't run properly and they kept crashing. I think it was the strain of two operating systems attempting to run at the same time on the same computer, and with the RAM on the computer I was using being quite low (not even the half the GB that you get on modern Windows computers). The professor running the course was using an Apple computer and they had no problem with it. The problems the Linux

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bright-eyes 8 months ago

operating system gets with running programs is probably down to the RAM on a Windows computer being low in the first place.

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