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Lol I don't know how long I accidentally had 100% width icons but hopefully it wasn't all day 😂
Heyy your site is rad and takes me right back to the scene years :3 Also heck yeah Animal Crossing shrine!
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scenequeen 1 year ago

tysm!! yea that page is so old i need to upd8 it

Ahhh nice site! Love your extensive collection, and your 404 page is pretty!
antikrist 1 year ago

aww thank you!! love your site as well! (^∀^●)

<3 this site!! reminds me alot of oldweb stuff (esp w the petz pages)
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karithina 1 year ago

Thankyou so much!! That's what I want to achieve :3

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Beautiful site! I love your footer statement and that the background images are from the public domain. I love your writing, comics and art that's up on there too, it doesn't feel at all like a corporate portfolio but more a personal show of the world of your making :)
pleurodelinae 1 year ago

such kind words !! thank you very much :)

4o4 was updated.
1 year ago
My site is a bit of a WIP, my plan is for a retro space goth vibes yet accessible portal to my obsessions with pet sims, Animal Crossing, etc, but mostly just like a nice comforting place to post my mods templates whatevs.

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