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One of my friends said all the right things when I was having a total breakdown yesterday so I made her a pixel Tama(or Tara)gotchi of herself on its own page as thankyou lol
cinni 5 months ago


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karithina 5 months ago

@cinni Thankyou ♥️☺️

I added 17 items to my yum-yum shoppe page this weekend all at once because I'd had a .psd sitting around for I think MONTHS with each layer named after an idea for an item, and only just had one mega-day where I felt like making them ahaha.
antikrist 6 months ago

omg i love your shoppe items!!! ill be adding a few to my cart!! 😍

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karithina 6 months ago

@antikrist Thankyou so much!!! ;-; <3

YES my new domain is finally working! Find me now at baby B)
Trying and failing hard at moving my site to a custom domain :P
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arandomsite 6 months ago

download ur site as a zip file and then upload it to ur custom domain

karithina 6 months ago

@arandomsite Ohh no 'moving' was the wrong word I guess, I wanted to just use the custom domain, but stay hosted here because I like it :(

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