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I would just love to take a moment to complement you on your site! The idea of website that posts comics is pretty alluring and intriguing! In fact, my website centers upon horror stories with the completion of an ominous looking background. Over all, the site is a work in progress due to the fact that the software I have access to doesn’t support or allow the elements I want to add. Great job and God Bless!!!!!!!!
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I love your comics :)
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u r ULTRA-COOOL! i seriously admire what i've seen of your work.
girlbenji 6 years ago

AHHH I'm two months late on replying to this but thank you so much!

Love your style. <3
Dig your work. :)
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anthonynaber 6 years ago

Noo, I finished it. You have good comics! How long did it take for you to make all of them?

gr8 comics m8 r8 8/8

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