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I think I followed you a little bit ago but I'd only really gotten the chance to look over your site just recently, your art is really good and I love your zines.
geno7 1 year ago

Also like, the sudden spike in interest of bands like TMBG and LD and Tally Hall and Jack Stauber and people sorta mashing them together has really fascinated me since it started happening and it's cool of you to sorta like, try and make sense of that and come up with a name for it and help foster a community around it

bluef00t 1 year ago

Thank you! I may have made up a word for my little radio show, but whatever the phenomenon is it's not new—I've met several ~30 year old TMBG/LD/Tally Hall fans who have been into those bands since their early teens (not Stauber though, he's newer to the scene).

bluef00t 1 year ago

I'm as puzzled as you at the spike in interest. I have some personal frustrations with Needlejuice Records but having a label trying to pander towards my specific interests? That's something a guy could get used to.


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