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2 years ago
i wonder if the aesthetics we like now and use for our pages are going to become "old school" in the future... and if neocities ever went down, if people would archive all the pages so that they could get that nostalgic feeling again.. a part of me feels like we've kinda already discovered all of the aesthetics there are (or at least a really broad spectrum) so i'm a bit doubtful, but hopeful anyways (=^.^=)
roseknight 2 years ago

people always think we've discovered and invented every idea there is until a new one comes around... but i'm sure all the cutesy pink peachy stuff won't go out of style too quickly :) and also, there's also a pretty big difference between the current aesthetics and the old geocities ones. there were no resources about css and good web design available then!

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FRUITMELT was updated.
2 years ago

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