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I just noticed you commented like a week ago, Ear Rat Magazine is a little digital zine me and Automatic Llama run. Issue two is about to release in a few days! more info at
catcatproductions 3 months ago

Oh rad, I can't wait to check it out. Love zines :)

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Congratulations! You've been JAUP'd! Your site is now listed with the new JAUP members at If you wish you may display a JAUP badge on your page. Badges are here:
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catcatproductions 3 months ago

What an honor! Thanks a million :)

Whoa, loving the aesthetic! We want a membership, but it looks like the site hasn't been updated since 1998 :P
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downtimevideo 4 months ago

Thanks! You should sign up for a membership anyway and see what happens ;)

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Oh my gosh, your social directory! Wowzers! Oh also, can't wait to check out all the other cool stuff! :)
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We are really loving your website. It's such a wonderful design. Can't wait to dig deeper into your content :)
thedigitaldiarist 4 months ago

thanks! the retro vibe of your site is rad. and the trailer for The Brat Snack looks great! l'm a sucker for an 80s teen movie throwback :D

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catcatproductions 4 months ago

Oh you're gonna love Brat Snack then! We are working on releasing it soon. Thanks so much for checking it out :)

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