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schmelcome to shcmeocities, foog! hmm yes very nice site indeed, meesa likey. i must say, the pixel art is really cool as well. i used to do pixel art, but thats gone now, so blah. if you ever wanna hang out with the neocitizens of the world, or if you have any problems with your site, please feel free to complain here -->
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playpossum 1 year ago

Hello! I just got the ability to comment, so I wanted to say thank you so much!

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hye, welcome to nebocities! real glad youre picking up html and css. its the coding that i used to want to do without the abundance of thinking. i hope you find yourself at home here. if you wanna learn the best parts of html and css (tables), is great. if you wanna chat, the perfect discord server for that is right down this alleyway -->
velkom tu da neocities! you have quite a nice site, i reckon. i dont see many people change their scrollbars css as much as i think people should. i hope you'll find yourself enjoying your time on this site just as much as so many other of us do. if you wanna chat with some of us or get some help with a site goof-up, you're in luck. enter pennys club:
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argh 1 year ago

also you should prolly add a banner lol, i just noticed the giant box of nothing on the top of the screen

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fallenstar 1 year ago

Sorry I could not respond before because my message feature had not been unlocked yet! I would love to join your discord but I dont actually have one :/... if I ever do, I will let you know though! Also thank you for letting me know about the banner issue, I did have one but I realized it only appeared in certain browsers, but I think I have fixed it now!

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