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nice site, but the text falls out of the nav box lol. at least on firefox it does.
since you like idm, may i ask if you've given autechre a try? if so, what did you think about it? they're my favorites
argh 1 year ago

i have quite a while ago, but i didn't really get into them. it's pretty cool, ngl, but not really my thing. though i may have to try it again, it has been a while.

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stop following so many people, by jove, your constant follows just keep sploojing up my feed
knightzone 1 year ago

sounds like a problem

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qpschool 1 year ago

Sorry for the inconveniences. I didn't know that.

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eyesonthelens 1 year ago

Follow as many people as your heart commands! Have fun!

argh 1 year ago

i apologize if i sound like a cunt, im not saying you cant follow a lot of people, but it just comes across to me like you're doing it so that people will see your site

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