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probably a noob question lmao but what does everybody else use to build their pages? I've been just typing my stuff in and saving the pages, but it's slow and hard to tell when I'm making mistakes
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vencake 2 years ago

I use Visual Code Studio. It's open source and has lots of useful features like live preview, auto fill suggestions, find & replace etc. Works well for me since I'm super lazy when I code lmao

floppys-lounge 2 years ago

I just use a text editor and do HTML by hand. The built-in neocities editor works fine too.

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hekate 2 years ago

I'm here to support the user who said Visual Studio Code, it's rlly cool and if you want to go crazy there are a lot of cool code markup/validation extensions u can use w/ it

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arkmsworld 2 years ago

I use Notepad++. You can run your pages in any browser you have on your computer to see how it looks before you upload them.

geouniversal 2 years ago

notepad++ allows you to view>folder as workspace and adds a file tree for accessing complex folder structures easy that makes everything so much easier to organize for me. for the most part i write out most html by hand. i am learning how to use python and js to write html for me but i am really just starting that and would recommend just writting out html for the first bit.

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geouniversal 2 years ago

a good cheat is to use markdown. here's a simple way to use that i usually select all the left side text and hit delete, then just write as feels natural. use a few symbols to change the bold and headings, when it looks the way you want just copy the html from the top right icon.

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wizardseekingwizard 2 years ago

omg thanks everybody! I'm experimenting now and these suggestions have been super helpful <3<3<3

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