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my autistic dump of the day got copyright struck!! [downloads it] LMAO anyway it was the death note musical. if anyone wants the full 2 hour performance i now have it ^^
retrobun 1 month ago

the death note musical w english audio that is :3

The new chatrooms they made is so buggy and I had to stop using it. DA would rather spend all their free time making their site look pretty but doesn't do jack squat when it comes to fixing bugs. Like seriously, fix it already! But you know DA, they don't listen to us.
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retrobun 1 month ago

the old chat.deviantart DOES still work, but is largely unsupported now. i still have my own chatroom linked on my site actually!! its just that they no longer support it, so you cant look at an emoticon list (it wont connect) or form that much of a community, like you used to be able to :( i havent used deviantart actively since probably 2012?

I haven't used their chatrooms very much but I do miss the clubs/groups as well as the community being active. But ever since they introduced Eclipse, it caused my watchers and friends leaving the site. It's gotten so bad that DA allows AI as well. :( Also, thanks as I wanted to make a similar layout. :3
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retrobun 1 month ago

i used their chatrooms super often personally!! i rped on them LMAO, the chatrooms r almost completely bare now tho :'/

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