a blue planet that isn't the earth

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i loved your website and ur videos :0 so cool
visitblueplanet 1 year ago

i will definetly add ur button to my website links

nineret 1 year ago

thx my button using magik font :3

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just released my blog page yay but i havent posted anything yet lol
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omgg thank you so much for including my button on your website!! also btw i noticed some of your buttons include hotlinking, which neocities doesnt allow, here's a link explaining it: however, it's very easy to fix since you don't have that many buttons! your website looks very interesting and i cant wait to see what other things you will publish
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3dsangel 1 year ago

wahh thank u!! also aah i didnt know that o__O

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arsenicteddy 1 year ago

that policy is only for non-supporters. granted the say it's best to not do that regardless, so do what you will with said information. :)

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