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Due to attempting a traditonal book publishing path prior I was using a "temporary name" Another Sky for my original verse (i.e. story full of OCs), but I'm no longer held down by the constraints of that path! I changed everything on the site to utilize the series' actual name, Blue Horizon, and have parked a Webtoon and Tapas page for the eventual webcomic. ^_^
starlitseas 3 months ago

The novels will take longer, as in part I'm waiting for the cover (which I commissioned someone for as I don't want the nerves of drawing my own cover right now), and I want to continue editing them for some time in any case. I'll have more news on all this eventually.

starlitseas 3 months ago

Only a few people know the characters right now, but made an official boys' and nbys' relationship chart for fun. Will create a proper one for the girls' and nbys' later too.

starlitseas 3 months ago

Updated with Leo and Khaleel's profile pictures in both "characters" and "art gallery 1 (magnify)"! :D

starlitseas 4 months ago

Updated art gallery 2 (gays being gay) with week 2's sketches after taking a break! 7 of them this time.

starlitseas 5 months ago

small edits and did an update note.

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