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Okay lemme try to redo my post again. I effed up too much so my latest blog post isn't showing, but it's here... The personally-made Tiktok AMV I want to show off doesn't work on Firefox web browser from my attempt, but does seem to work on other web browsers I checked:
Last note is that I need to fix the links (such as in the blog section), but if you hover over the text they should appear. πŸ’¦
Added a blog section! I like the idea of feeling active here so occasionally blogging about my writing journey and/or OCs and/or OC friendships + couples every month or two (or more if I get a hang of it) doesn't sound bad to me.
Aw your site has such a nice vibe!
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starlitseas 4 months ago

Thank youuu! ^_^ Yours is super colorful!

i effed up and deleted my comment while trying to reply, sorry!! T_T BUT YEAH i found the snake game :D
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possum1827 4 months ago

ah it happens, thank you for exploring my site and commenting! <3

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obsessed with the rainbow box code (by morgane [unnegative] on codepen)

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