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aww no one here enjoyed the april fools content (though i'll keep it up for however long, possibly forever lol):
starlitseas 2 months ago

small edits.

starlitseas 2 months ago

unsure how it stalls updating but updated the characters and gallery 1 with more girl mcs.

starlitseas 3 months ago

Added a new section (likely the last one as I wanted a section for comics, art, and short stories). It has flash fiction from September 2021 when I first started using Twtr:

starlitseas 3 months ago

just clarified that it's the first DIGITAL comic i've ever done, not the first comic ever, lol. i remember in the '00's wanting to ask for copic markers and planning to SCAN comics (which i never wound up doing).

Hello...! Very happy and proud of my first webcomic for Blue Horizon, so I'll bring it up without a flood of edits in the way...! :"D It can be found here:

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