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does anyone who follow me have recommendations for good green tea brands? preferably loose leaf, but bagged is fine too.
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rime 1 year ago

i can't drink coffee or energy drinks, and i'm trying to wean myself off of soda, so the only caffenated drink left is tea and green is my favorite

bright-eyes 1 year ago

I have Yorkshire Tea (by Taylor's of Harrogate - they do a few other brands, too) and Twinings' Earl Grey, and I had Whittard once, as well. They are UK companies so I don't know if you'd be able to get them.

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koshka 1 year ago

I get my loose leaf green tea from, and my local Russian store, personally. I'm far more obsessed with Pu'erh and black tea however so I don't really have any deeper recommendations or preferences beyond that.

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