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silverheart 1 year ago

i'm not sure how to relay this info otherwise, but specifically your background images never seem to load for me, both on your old site and this updated one... i inspected the source code to see if i could figure out what it was and suspect it may be the ful url used for the bg image; it can be shortened to "/img/spacebg.gif" and should still work. though it's fine if you'd rather not change anything about it too --

silverheart 1 year ago

-- i'm not sure why this would matter at all, especially since i can "view background image" from a right click and it shows up fine. might be a firefox quirk; i'm really just not sure.

rime 1 year ago

oh thanks for letting me know, i fixed it. i wasn't aware putting the full url would affect anything lol

silverheart 1 year ago

yeah i'm honestly as shocked as you are that would actually matter at all, but it's fixed for me now! new layout looks great too!

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