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koshka 4 months ago

After a month's worth of work, my ZZT game Santa's Advocate is finally available for download! Many thanks to jvlfools @lolwut, and Surlent for beta-testing and providing lots of helpful feedback towards making the final game better! Also added a nightmare I had last night to the Somnium and fixed the mismatched EV/PPDV links in the ZZT games reviews sections (thanks to @holeinmyheart for catching that.)

holeinmyheart 4 months ago

wow. you've convinced me of the versatility of zzt as an art form

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koshka 4 months ago

Thank you so much, @HoleinMyHeart! You just made my day! I must reference Newton's quote about seeing far because he stands on the shoulders of giants, as it took many legendary ZZTers of decades past to really show just how much can be coaxed out of this seemingly limited engine. I'm very glad you liked the love story, as I honestly had a lot of doubts about whether it would turn out good. (:

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