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koshka 4 months ago

Happy Winter! I fixed the broken link to my Santa's Lil' Helper ZZT game (thank you to @lolwut for pointing that out!!), added a new dream to the Somnium, and delayed Santa's Advocate by one day to Christmas Day to allow myself more time to work on it and the beta-testers more time to play through it.

bmh 4 months ago

I'm currently going through a quiet dream phase where I haven't written any down for a while, but last night I recall that I was stargazing in one with my brother, and a few nights ago I was having a meal with Joe Rogan.

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holeinmyheart 4 months ago

if u read this - just letting u know i think u switched the "edible vomit" and "ppdv" links on the reviews page

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koshka 4 months ago

@HoleinMyHeart Thank you so much for pointing that out! I will have to fix that as part of tomorrow's update with Santa's Advocate, at this point.

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