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koshka 2 months ago

Added one new Affiliate (Omoulo) and wrote up a rant that I really needed to get off my chest on the Scratching Post/Portal. That is all.

bmh 2 months ago

I like your method of categorisation by season and the use of those icons.

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koshka 2 months ago

Thank you, @bmh! I just felt like the page needed something to spice it up and alleviate its boring nature.

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rime 2 months ago

i can kind of relate to the "regressing" thing, i think thats kind of whats been happening to me lately and also over the past few years. simply being outside in the general vicinity of people (who i logically know will either ignore me or want nothing more than a hurrired "how are you? fine" exchange out of me, but still) is genuinely uncomfortable now ksflj

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koshka 2 months ago

@rime That sounds like really awful social anxiety, although I can relate. Ever since the lockdown, any sort of social interaction has become a bigger and bigger burden to climb and I am forgetting whatever crap social "skills" I previously had. I really have no advice to share for this.

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