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koshka 1 month ago

With how populated the UFO/Autism section has become, I decided to put together a general Things Autistics Wish Neurotypicals Knew page for people who don't feel like reading through all of my mountains of rambling. This is sort of like an all-purpose digital billboard of things I wish non-autistic people knew, based on my own issues and on issues I have seen commonly expressed by autistic folks online.

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cyberwitch 1 month ago

Sometimes I doubt being autistic because not everything applies, but then I remember that I was basically forced to understand and cope with neurotypicals, which resulted in me suppressing my need for accommodations. Living in a society that loves to talk about nothing and hates boundaries sure is fun. :P Another great article!

koshka 1 month ago

@cyberwitch Thank you!! I share and understand your sentiments. It's incredibly frustrating when you are surrounded by people who don't understand you and who systematically brow-beat you into suppressing and ignoring your own needs. It never ceases to fascinate me how autistic people are criticised for tending to talk at length about substantial and interesting things (our special interests) while it's considered

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koshka 1 month ago

perfectly "normal" behaviour for neurotypicals to just jabber on and on about completely meaningless things.

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