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koshka 4 months ago

Added a fan-shrine to Ribrianne (Brianne de Chateau) from Dragon Ball Super to the Mount Paozu section. Something I had been considering for a while. She's not at all my favourite character, but I felt that all of the hysterical vitriol towards her required some sort of counter-attack. Also validated the goofy Dragon Ball AF/Super page to HTML 3.2 standards just because I can. (:

holeinmyheart 4 months ago

i dont know a damn thing about this but i adore the color scheme. also repping unpopular characters is based

koshka 4 months ago

Thank you kindly, @holeinmyheart! It's funny that you would say that. I modeled the colour scheme after Ribrianne's own colour scheme, but started thinking it was very oddly reminiscent of your own website's colour scheme after finishing it.

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