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koshka 4 months ago

Put up a new page on the UFO, about my own personal thoughts on the controversial phenomenon known as autigender. I have been trying to get this done for two months now due to worrying about how it would come off, but ultimately decided these thoughts needed to be expressed.

koshka 4 months ago

Unrelated but, I beseech anyone reading this to get on the Neocities IRC channel at #Neocities on if you have not yet done so. I promise we don't bite!

bmh 4 months ago

Lots more thought provoking stuff! I've noticed myself caring less and less about what people think over the years and I'm now facinated by the idea I could be biologically wired this way, to not conform! But then, is it that I've (subconsciously or naturally) sought a life void of social contact so I don't have to conform, and thus lead my brain to become wired this way, or was it wired this way all along?!

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koshka 4 months ago

Thank you so much, bmh! It's not my place to make any assumptions about you specifically, but there are theories that a decreased or complete lack of social motivation is one of the absolute pillars of neurodivergency/autism. I have pondered the same thing you mentioned, and still don't know. I adore social contact with the few people I like, but it's not something I necessarily seek out or can't live without.

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