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lolwut 9 months ago

I find it astonishing that voluntary euthanasia to relieve incurable illness and suffering is even an issue in liberal Western countries, where the concept of self-ownership is widely presumed. If suicide is legal (as it is in many Western countries), then for what reason should voluntary euthanasia be illegal? In both cases the person has by their own free will chosen to die.

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lolwut 9 months ago

Also, regarding the sixth-to-last paragraph ("Some argue that everyone owes a debt to society..."): I was not even aware up till now that this was an "argument" against suicide; it should be instantly rejected, for it reeks of collectivist thinking.

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koshka 9 months ago

Thank you very much for your open-minded comments. I agree with you entirely. I saw the "debt to society" argument when I was researching why suicide is universally considered wrong, and was astonished that a supposedly free-thinking creature could actually come up with such thoughts.

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