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your page is so so very lovely. i wanted to let you know there's a typo on the favorite postcards page where taiwan is listed as "tiwan"
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cyberealm 6 months ago

thank you for the heads up! sorry I'm seeing this so late. I'll make sure to fix it when I can!

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today is the first day of school so site updates will be even slower for a while 💔 💔
i started working on a little page for my collection of vocaloid fanmerch the other day, ive just been lazy and havent gotten very far lol
new button! I'll make an archive for the previous versions soon
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hey, thank you for the follow! very cool webbed site!!!
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cyberealm 9 months ago

there were a lot of buttons I wanted to include, so the marquee i had for them was getting really impractical. They have their own box now!

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