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also thank you so much for the album reviews, its how i initially found lingua ignota who is now one of my all time favourites
athornathornathorn 11 months ago

yes!!! i'm so excited my silly lil album reviews have finally made an impact!!! lingua ignota is also one of my all time favs, she really has changed my life and it's an honor to share that with someone else. lmk if u ever wanna talk music, i'd love to hear more abt ur tastes :)

i finally made a button, its really shitty but i think its kinda comedic. on my about page youll find the code in a textarea
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athornathornathorn 11 months ago

it has been added to the collection :)

yooo what is up bro! i love ur site aesthetic and also wanted 2 thank u for putting my button on ur page. lmk if/when u make a button of ur own and i will be sure to return the favor!! :)
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