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The little pixel dolls on your characters page are sooo cute <3
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liyashi 1 month ago

Thank you so much :D, and I'm sorry for the late reply

You have an impressive collection! .o.
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dunsparce 2 months ago

Thank you!!

What a beautiful collection of photos! They capture the feeling of the movie really well and I can definitely picture them as promo material xD Glad to see Fright Night in there too, it's one of my personal favs!
homevideohorrors 2 months ago

Thank you so much! Yeah, I love making these. I grew up with all this stuff.

Love love love your MS Paint works! And your Warrior Cats section is fantastic, I've been meaning to get back into it after a long pause but I felt a little lost with all the new books that came out. Your page provides a perfect timeline for the volumes!
mle-s-paint 2 months ago

Thank you so much for your kind words! There are way too many Warriors cats books lol, I had to make a Google doc to keep them all straight. Let me know if you get into reading them again!

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Your "Smile" page under the Misc section made me smile indeed! x3
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valycenegative 2 months ago

Added a music player. I was undecided between vaporwave and 90s eurodisco, then settled on the latter. This site is what I always wanted as a kid so it makes sense it has, as soundtrack, tunes that played on the radio during my childhood. I also tried to add as much italodisco tracks as possible, so you can have an authentic experience of what we in Italy used to dance to back in the day :P

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