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Your sona is so cute! If I'm not mistaken, it's a marbled polecat, right?
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martyshouse 2 months ago

Thanks, and it is! I have yet to actually make a page about my fursonas, OCs. I'm still new to making websites.

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You got a nice colorscheme and interesting pages to browse! X3
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pklucky 2 months ago

Thank you!!

I love sites with styleswitchers! I'm always curious to check all palettes (but my personal fav is Retro, I guess I'm very biased towards Game Boy color schemess xP).
swiftyshq 2 months ago

thanks! my biggest influence for adding it was dragonflycave :-)

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She is SanssouciArt on Twitter now! No Neocities profile, untortunately.
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I've read your "Retro Web" article and I do agree browsing Neocities as a 30 y.o. feels bittersweet. On one hand, it's great that younger folks nowadays still appreciate the emo/alternative aesthetic (I was more of a punk rock girl, but hung out with the OG emo community too). On the other, I sometimes feel like that Fresh Prince episode where he performs a play along with kindergarten kids. xD
valycenegative 2 months ago

Bottom line, I'm happy to see there are also people of my age still enamoured with personal pages/domains and CSS design.

You have an impressive collection of vintage anthro art, it really takes me back. I actually recognized one of the 2002 pieces (the werewolf stealing cookies- signed by Gilda) as it was drawn by a friend of mine! She still draws nowadays, and we still talk from time to time. ^^
vintagefursuits 2 months ago

Oops! My previous message sent prematurely. Thank you! Please tell your friend I said hi. What are her modern art profiles? I’d love to see what she’s up to now :]

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Wonderful game reviews! This really feels like a virtual version of a 90s game magazine. You deserve a follow! <3

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