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You're off to a good start with the website! Sadgrl makes some rather good layouts x3 can't wait to see what you'll fill the sections with.
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Your collection is not only impressive, but also very creatively organized. I love how every page is a little world in itself x3 The gadgets are very fun too!
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acmewidgets 1 month ago

Thank you for your kind and thoughtful comments!

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You got me mesmerized with that animated starry header *o* beautiful!
lalala-doomsday 4 weeks ago

thank you very much!!

Impressive gallery you got here! You have a very good sense of posing and expression and even your sketchier pieces are clean and well defined. I'm jealous, hehe xD But really, great job!
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strovi 1 month ago

ah!! Thank you so much <3!!!

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Your style looks so soft and huggable, loving the colours!
Fantasic layout, every content box feels perfectly in place. And all so cutely decorated for Halloween <3
myblace 4 weeks ago

Thank you!! <:]

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