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Interesting site! Your "Antisocial internet" page really resonated with me. I look forward to seeing more updates :]
slimysomething 6 months ago

Re the about page: My tendency has been to loose motivation and abandon posting on various sites. I had doubt about Neocities early on but right now it's freeing being able to post things and let them sit permanently on the site instead of going through an algorithm rat race. Learning html/css has been fun, more intuitive than the last time I tried coding.

jesus! your smiling in photographs thing scared the shit out of me.
slimysomething 6 months ago

I was going to write something there about fake smiles looking weird and how they didn't used to be normalized blah blah blah. I think the pictures speak for themselves.

0ekekddddd 6 months ago

good call. on another note i just took a moment to read a couple of your articles, and i think its on point to conclude that the internet's kind of been rendered into an antisocial space for posturing. i use reddit and i find that people don't discuss more often because they think that others won't engage or "oh, someone already talked about this" or "this is already covered somewhere else on the internet."

0ekekddddd 6 months ago

it feels like a sad truth to swallow that the internet was sort of doomed to end up like this because of archives, not to say the individual thing itself is bad.

slimysomething 6 months ago

I didn't really consider archives because most modern sites push newness and make it frustrating to access old content. And this year it seems like SEO is making it much harder to find information, I'd like more discussions to happen instead of these mass-produced articles.

slimysomething 6 months ago

Not getting any engagement could be an effect of social media trying to cater to the whole world, and algorithms burying people who don't already have a following, or go on hiatus, etc.

0ekekddddd 6 months ago

i guess i'm referring to archives in a sense like search engines and wiki articles, along with the encouragement of being a damn know-it-all and who can keep up with the news quicker. it's what it feels like in fan domains that gatekeep what qualifies as a fan of some media

slimysomething 6 months ago

Replying to the disappeared post - with social media there is no differentiation between personal content and news, just a single feed. Another subtle discouragement from being personal? Although it could just be explained as the culture of some sites.

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