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All I had to do to make pictures small was crank down the jpg quality, not turn everything into pixel art. 🤦
satyrwoud 17 hours ago

I learned that lesson far too late. It turns out .gifs and pngs are actually a very inefficient way to store photographs!

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Not to be discouraging, but why'd you post a timelapse of writing a blogpost, a list of paragraphs you wrote, but leave out the blogpost itself? It sounds like you had something interesting to say, but then hollowed it out to say "no one will read this" instead.
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loafsona 1 week ago

I guess it was because I felt like none of those paragraphs were really going anywhere; from my perspective, I was just searching for an interesting way to frame the fact that "I'm starting a blog" but kept going "eh the idea is maybe something but I can't phrase it in a way that feels satisfying"

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loafsona 1 week ago

and the experience of writing it was me going like "wow I cannot decide on anything to say" and eventually me going "fuck it, i'm spending a weirdly long time on this, this post can be about my struggle to find something to say, this timelapse is kinda ridiculous and hilarious"

slimysomething 1 week ago

Ah ok. I guess I overestimated how good the rough draft was. Some of the missing paragraphs sounded interesting.

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