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i live................i fail to think of something funny to post in the status bar..........i return to my grave
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oh glad to see you're using CSS animations now. remember to use span instead font of for inline text because font is no longer standards-compliant. commission is very Kitty Bobo. might be a good time to nuke Windows and install Mint. your life fits on a 4GB pendrive, right?
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silvercruiser 2 years ago

duly noted. I already have Mint on my macbook as a partition but i'm skeptical about putting it on my Surface Pro 4, because i dont really know how a laptop/tablet convertible would work yet?? Once i figure it out i'm 100% ditching windows though make no mistake

10kb 2 years ago

oh i actually have that on one of those 360 laptops. the rotation sadly doesn't work so i had to bind it to a special hotkey. most of the function keys work (except for brightness oddly enough). touchpad functions like a single-point left-click without multitouch. i'm not sure if GNOME 3 or Unity fixes those issues. distros tend to be a selection of packages and default software (including GUI) which you can change.

10kb 2 years ago

also i think you'll fall in love with this pilot. i sure did

strata 2 years ago

ughh, Mint?

suh my dude
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10kb 2 years ago

Why suh when you can succ?

it's nice to see even adults can have high school crushes
your art style is so adorable! So is your website style, to match it

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