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my horrid handwriting finally surfaces and i apologize in advance for the future
kato you have to post more comics - this one is fascinating. as my own lucid dreams get more frequent and more bizarre, i've been developing a much keener interest in the world and how people look at it, especially with the “mind's eye” and whatever impulses your brain idly has when it thinks. coming at it from a secular angle is even more interesting; without voodoo, the reasons they happen are a lot more clear.
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silvercruiser 2 years ago

I have every intention on doing that! But, now i need to go off and make a comic html page along with it

also...i made the backgrounds for everything a bit smaller as per suggestion, so i hope not everything is sluggish as all hell. i'll do thumbnails and stuff for art sooner rather than later
this time, the doodle IS the blog post. I've been wanting to try autobiographical comics for a little while so why not now
silvercruiser 2 years ago

also: i promise the song notes are nonsensical. one day i'll make something cool out of a dream song. I swear it

i have made an extremely informed opinion to vote for Vaporwave Gonzales, because VHS vs Betamax taught me just how much damage a VHS tape could do. sadly he is also quite fragile, so i'm taking a small risk here.
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kato i need a character sheet for vaporwave gonzales before i vote
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silvercruiser 2 years ago

They're all concepts and thusly he looks exactly like you think he looks like

hey Kato i think your website loads a little slow on my connection. if you have the opportunity it would be nice for you to reduce the resolution of your images, or use optipng if you're on linux, because i view them very often and i don't want to choke on 30mb downloads on your page.
silvercruiser 2 years ago

mmmm thats probably a good idea, i'm used to just using idiotically high res and expecting compression (thanks twitter) but i could like go way smaller and include dropbox links instead

10kb 2 years ago

i'll hack your website for a bitcoin (also avoid hotlinking because it creates more http connections)

silvercruiser 2 years ago

you'll be doing no hacking today mr froge (also thanks for the tip)

jeremyredhead 2 years ago

I've thinking the same but didn't want to be rude; kato, my suggestions for improvment are: use smallerr, tiling version of your backgronds (ex: my bg is 470kb and lags a bit, so like no more than 250kb); generate some thumbnails for your art and link the thumbs to full or larger versions; enlargen the text on the index (i can barely read it on pc :p); maybe style the links on your links page; and be you! :)

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