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Thank you for following, always will love the classic games, gen 1 for all the bugs that make the game so much bigger and more interesting, gen 2 just for being a fun game in general ^^
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redeviated-edael-tb 1 year ago

Also gen 1 gaves us the best mon, Psyduck no contest :smug:

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bluemoonfalls 1 year ago

No problem, your site hit me with a nostalgia brick! Lovely work.

said in the comments but i'm in love with this site layout <3
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redeviated-edael-tb 1 year ago

Glad you like it, tho can't help feel a bit embarrassed at time with it's current state, I have so much to do :pain:. Really dig yer site feel, tans and browns have a lovely contrast and the checkers really tie it in. <3

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5 follower Milestone! Thank you all
Yer site is cozy, aways a fan of spacy feels, nice art as well ^^
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