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I defiantly missed the catergories as it made my search for certian things easier but when Eclipse came along, it made my search more diffcult. I really hated that layout so much and it caused most of my watchers and friends to leave the site. It became a ghost town and it only got worst when DA allowed AI. Oh man, it caused an outrage and that was the last straw for me. :(
redeviated-edael-tb 1 year ago

Couldn't agree more, groups I felt were the last bastion for dA and something others sites didn't have, however now it feels like all groups have the same set of users uploading to em, with no uniqueness about em, in general groups aren't places to socialize with others, they're now basically just content billboards... Depressing...

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I really loved your site as it reminds me of good old days of Deviantart. I'm a former user there and deactived my DA account last month but seeing yours brings back memories. :3 Its too bad that Deviantart has fallen. :(
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redeviated-edael-tb 1 year ago

I feel the same, miss oldie dA and now DA is hot trash between the actual site and the shitpost spam. Miss the communities the most, something I don't see much anymore. Least here on neos I can make my own little nook to live in. HTML and CSS has been fun to learn :) and I hope I can do more.

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