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well...looks like my website broke @_@
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I am not dead! Just very tired. I hope I can make some updates in the coming weeks, I've just been reaaally busy with other projects
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Want to add more things this weekend. Desperately want to finish my ttrpg pages tho LOL. Im trying to do personal projects this weekend so hopefully...
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finally edited a bunch of stuff WOW
really wanna wrok more on dis this month!! i feel so bad i havent touched my site in a bit because the holidays ARGH!!!!!
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Thanks for linking back to me!! I love the layout of your site :D looks really nice!
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punk-warren 9 months ago

YEAH of course!! i happened to see ur site on the activity page nad fell in love with it, i just had to !! :D :D and thank u sm!!!!!!

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