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Woah, it’s so cool that your site is a recreation of old DA! Neat job so far, you nailed the aesthetic! :V
redeviated-edael-tb 1 year ago

Thanks, been a hell of a learning experience and I have so muc more to do. Speaking of aesthetics, GOOOD GOD yer site is incredible, all the colors pop so vividly, can't put words to the name of this style, but I love it.

ninacti0n 1 year ago

Aw man, thank you so much!! I'm really glad you enjoyed my site so far :'] I've been having quite the ride coding mine too, and yet I still have a whole LOT I wanna do xD

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Thanks for the comment, miss oldie dA alot, tired of social media, and was so upset when a new art site I was invested in died, so I said screw it and started learning html, css, and a smiggen of js and it's been a wild ride of fun and torture in equal parts...
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I had to closed down my groups before I left because barely anyone was online due to Eclipse. One of my first groups, MLP History was the last one I closed down. One user wanted to run it but it was too late so I suggested to her to make a new one which she did.

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