1 Year anniversary! - Netscape Navigator Revival

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"" (the place where you seem to get your ui images) seems to be down, i suggest that whenever it comes back online (which idk if it will or not) that you backup the images and put them on your site
netscapenavigatorrevival 1 year ago

I hope wayback machine comes in clutch

I plan on building my own Apple-1. not an emulator, an actual Apple-1. I already have the board and 6502. im making a list of stuff needed for the thing.
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Nice website man :D
fauux 1 year ago

Appreciated, you site reminds me of my childhood, minus the Cars movie memes 👍

netscapenavigatorrevival 1 year ago

at least its in the youtube 2005 player so now its nostalgic

I got my hands on some rare netscape navigator 1.22 setup floppy disks. I plan on using them to make my revival more accurate once I get my windows 95 pc working.
Update: I survived but someone shoved a pipe bomb up there ass and nearly blew me up
hellokittygirl 1 year ago

wait r u like. fr ?

ok im actually going now cya guys
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arandomsite 1 year ago

School sux

update: still alive
First day of school tomorrow, I'll tell you guys how it goes.
Should I make some sort of account system like old google?

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