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I posted my thoughts on the film perfect blue! it's under /films/perfectblue.html. you can also access my film log page at /fl.html, altho the only log I have is this one haha. you can also click through it on my site map! yayay which is also under con still because I'd like to make a page with all the links listed, instead of just shapes
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cheru 1 year ago

can't wait for this! perfect blue is one of my favorite films from satoshi kon.

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joebuck 1 year ago

oh gees, I hope u enjoy

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song of the week --> a Mistake by ms fiona apple! ;_____;
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joebuck 1 year ago

I'm gonna make a mistake / I'm gonna do it on purpose / I'm gonna waste my time / 'Cause I'm full as a tick

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