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life is hard and tough and weird but I really still love reading everyone's new entries and updates... all you people in this wonderful little community... funny that this place is one of the constants in my life rn... :)
joebuck 1 year ago

oh jeez and also today I'm trying to unwind and I gave myself the task of updating every single sotw I missed.... wish me luck :p

meggieport 1 year ago

hope you're doing well, I quite like reading your updates as well c:

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Hi to my little tiny quiet corner of the internet, my life has been kinda stupid crazy
meggieport 1 year ago

hope you're doing okay, despite

song of the week goes to always half strange! by angel ooooooolseeeennnnn. I've had her first album, "half way home," on repeat for month of april. strong strong recommend.

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