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Added in one of them new-fangled Status Cafe thingies to my site's CSS (I refer to one CSS as if I don't have like ten of them).
How in the bloody hell do I have 55k views?
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My Xfire profile embed doesn't work. Literally 1984.
I've uploaded a link to the website templates in my downloads page. Uploaded it to
prophetesque 2 months ago

thanks so much for this omg!!! several of these BANG severely

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So in a shellnut, I've archived around 449 website templates dating to 2003 to 2010 or so. Problem is I dunno where to host them so that I can link to them on my site.
hardmachine 2 months ago

IDK about free hosts but I've read good things about Dreamhost and NearlyFreeSpeech.

werewolfdaddy 2 months ago

Does it allow for file hosting?

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werewolfdaddy 2 months ago

Catbox is what I currently use for a few of my files but I'd have to check if it allows for larger files. Otherwise, I could split the templates into separate packages.

werewolfdaddy 2 months ago

Okay so good news: The files are small enough to be hosted there. Things are starting to make sense. More later.

werewolfdaddy 2 months ago

I feel dumb. Maybe I should just upload these to Not sure why I didn't in the first place. :V

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