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actually the correct term is "snewed"
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It snown. It snown a Whole Lot.
KATO THIS IS GREAT. i'm so proud be on your links page with my good friend Strata. if you wanna be a Degenerate, there will be some news listed later in the week, and we could have a good old web ring
silvercruiser 3 years ago

It's no problem!! and i would personally have no issue being Certified in my Degeneracy™, so i'm excited for that

strata 3 years ago

Lots of love to both of you!

Cave Part 2 was updated.
3 years ago
silvercruiser 3 years ago

the pose of finally adding a new page after so long....

Cave Part 2 was updated.
3 years ago
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silvercruiser 3 years ago

i made the text a bit smaller also...the huge letters were Taxing on my already Horrendous Eyesight but i hope that doesnt bug anyone

10kb 3 years ago

i'm mad that neocities won't tell me when you update

jeremyredhead 3 years ago

yay, more art!

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