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mint-thyme-city 1 month ago

Oh! I've seen those CYOA sites before! I think DND type stuff is possible, but mostly I've seen them used in like, self insert fanfics! Its a popular base for just inserting a character into a Situation TM. (I'm not sure if that site is actually new to the links page, but I only noticed it now haha.)

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shulks-scrapbook 1 month ago

the links page is new entirely so yeah! i have yet to even put it in the sidebar anywhere else whoops

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apologies if this is an outdated question/answer but if you're looking for free CD or DVD playing software for PCwith no ads, musicbee is great for playing music and VLC media player works perfect for videos! also great site I love the paper scrap aesthetic
a-frontier 1 month ago

omg THANK YOU!!!! I just downloaded VLC media and it works great so far. Thanks again, I really appriciate the rec. <333

thecorvidking 1 month ago

not outdated at all ! cds and dvds are long-lasting and a great way to actually own the media youre paying for . thank you for the rec ^^

shulks-scrapbook 1 month ago

yay so glad to help!! by outdated i meant. wasnt sure if you'd already found a solution to the question haha. dvds/cds are my best friends <3

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big fan of your biology pages!! as someone who struggled with glycogenesis vs gluconeogenesis in pharmacy school I feel seen lol
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bluescreening 1 month ago

thank you!!! yeah its a tough topic lol

me and my pals just had a great time looking through your site!!! especially the personality test. amazing work!!
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shulks-scrapbook 1 month ago

thank you so much!! :D

noctilum 1 month ago

yea so much progress!! also i wanted to say that i love the illustration you did for golden cog, from the deescription i was always like "why would a cog be so unusable as to not fit in anything?" i literally never thought of a shape as fantastical as your illustration haha

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shulks-scrapbook 1 month ago

:D thanks!! my pals told me it made them think of swiss cheese lol. it was inspired a bit bones-wise by the map from treasure planet

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shulks-scrapbook 1 month ago

*vibes -wise. why did that autocorrect to bones

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