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beyondthesky 1 month ago

zero time dilemma puzzle guide page is a-go! it's barebones and janky as all shit right now. who knew dropdown menus would be so damn difficult >:(

taptroupe 1 month ago

that's so cool i'm gonna show my friend who likes 999

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beyondthesky 2 months ago

actual honest-to-god update on beyond the sky? in 2024??? it's more likely than you'd think! i've missed working on my site ,,,, it's been so long though that i've lowkey forgotten the sparse bit of coding i knew lmao :')

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beyondthesky 5 months ago

a site update? on beyondthesky? it's more likely than you'd think! life has been kicking my ass lately so NeoCities has kinda fallen off my radar ... which is sad cos i miss y'all and the community here! today's update is a small one, just yarning a bit about writing... i wanna come back to NeoCities when things calm down a little but idk when that'll be yet :'')

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beyondthesky 7 months ago

new page on xenoblade 3! updated layouts to fic archive & fic recs (now with added fanfics!)

inkcaps 7 months ago

Wow, this is my first time seeing the updates on your homepage! It's so pretty!!

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