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pikemalarkey 11 months ago

Hella cute. Also: 'ground down' sounds alright. I don't know if I am misremembering because it was such a traumatic event for all involved, but when I took my rat to the vet as a kid her teeth were cut off with scissors.

x14km2d 11 months ago

I like the bird photo.

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1 year ago
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pikemalarkey 1 year ago

What are you doing with lanolin? I've been thinking of getting some to increase the durability of my jumpers but haven't had the chance to try it out yet.

ratshack 1 year ago

I’m using it on my lips! Every lip balm has failed me, so I’m taking drastic measures. It’s doing the job so far. I hadn’t thought about using it on clothes. I need to look into that. My wardrobe is mostly wool at this point

ratshack 1 year ago

(I really want to buy a wool cloak, but my friends and family are refusing to be seen with me if I wear a cloak in public…)

pikemalarkey 1 year ago

Go for it! Your family and friends are wrong but they'll surely see the error of their ways once they behold the wonderful artifact that is a cloak.

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